• Business Purchase & Sale
  • Asset Purchase
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Adding/Removing Shareholders
  • Registering Securities & Liens

Whatever the transaction type, we are here to assist you with document drafting, negotiations, and government registrations as necessary to get the deal done.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy a business, what should I do first?

Usually, the first step is to send an "Offer Letter" to the potential seller. We can help with the drafting and preparation of a legally compliant offer letter.

What's the difference between an "asset purchase" and a "share purchase"?

In a share purchase agreement, the buyer purchases the entire business (name, property, customer lists, debts, etc.). In an asset purchase agreement, only specified items are sold.

How much does it cost to buy a business?

Usually a business is valued by it's "fair market value". This determination can be made using a variety of valuation methods. Sometimes, businesses will hire a professional valuator to determine the value of the business.