Civil Litigation

We are experienced preparing claims and engaging in negotiations on behalf of our clients. We work with a team of litigators to protect clients rights and uphold their legal entitlements in court and through negotiated settlement.

    • lien or securities related disputes
    • commercial disputes
    • contract disputes
    • small claims
  • collections
  • landlord and tenant
  • employment and wrongful dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the time limit to launch a claim?

In the vast majority of cases, the time limit to start a claim is two years from the date when a claim was first discovered, as per Ontario's Limitations Act.

How does a legal action start?

Usually, you must start by sending the other party a demand letter, following which you can file a statement of claim to begin a legal action,

What should I do if I have a legal problem?

Contact us to set up a consultation. Together we can discuss the best recourse for your problem and legal options to protect your rights.