Online Business in the Real World

When I started my practice, I focused heavily on using technology in all aspects of my work. However, I wasn’t always satisfied with the results. Glitchy programs, time consuming applications, and expensive software eventually ended up more trouble than it was worth.

Now I ensure that my online presence is only there to compliment my business’ real work. However, it’s not always easy. There’s just so much clutter and noise online! Fortunately, I have come across some tools which streamline my online experience. I thought it may be interesting to share them here. Hopefully you’ll come across something you can use too!

Social Media

Have you ever counted the actual number of social media accounts you have? For me it’s 9. Between work, social activities, networking, and personal interests, it really adds up. Thankfully, there are social media management applications that help sort through the clutter. I use Buffer and have found it very helpful for scheduling and managing my social media content.


Staying in Touch

Every day my network grows with new colleagues, clients, and acquaintances. Unfortunately, I rarely have enough time to adequately maintain those connections. I’m starting to use Mailchimp to manage my mailing list and draft custom email send-outs. Mailchimp has many functionalities, I’m still just getting started on really making use of their service.



There are so many amazing events in Toronto, it’s impossible to attend them all. I use Meetup and Eventbrite as my primary resources for an overview of local events. Facebook and LinkedIn can also be great resources for keeping up to date on the city’s happenings.


Running a Business

There are so many tools out there to help with business operations and administration. Without going down the rabbit hole, I’d like to highlight Wave and Quickbooks as well-regarded online accounting tools. As a lawyer, these tools don’t offer the trust accounting functions I need, so there are limits. However, they are overall very user-friendly and intuitive, and make bookkeeping very manageable.

There’s the run down of my online toolkit. These tools serve me well for both my legal practice, and with my other project, Canada Legal Help. With so much going on online, I find it crucial to have 4-5 focus points to cut through the clutter. Online tools can be a huge help, but they can also bog you down unnecessarily. Finding that balance is just one of the many challenges of growing a business.

If you’ve come across any awesome tools or online tips, let me know! And of course, for all your corporate, wills & estate, and employment law needs, you can reach me at

-Samuel Michaels

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