The Approach

Samuel Michaels is dedicated to providing professional, efficient, and effective legal services. Our service model prioritizes controlled overhead, leveraging technology, and maximizing resources. By maintaining a focus on superior service quality, Samuel consistently delivers results which exceed client expectations.

The Story

With a culture and community in constant motion, Toronto is a melting pot of innovation, competition, and opportunity. It's a world I've always wanted to be part of, as an entrepreneur and a lawyer. After graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School and being called to the Ontario Bar, I was ready to build my legal practice in my home town.

I consider myself solution-oriented and passionate about my work. I strives to deliver the highest quality services to my clients and believe strongly in the value of exacting personal and professional standards. With this approach, I has been fortunate to enjoy many opportunities to work on engaging and challenging cases and transactions.

National Partners

We believe in the power of connections. With a powerful network of lawyers and business professionals across Canada, we are positioned to help clients with all their legal needs, regardless of location.

Canada Legal Help is a national legal resource website which lists free legal services. Users can also submit legal questions through the CLH website.

The Self-Rep Navigators are a group of lawyers dedicated to helping individuals who can't afford a full-time lawyer to access legal services.

Idea Jam


Idea Jam is a Toronto-based organization providing networking opportunities to learn about corporate law and business development.

Jamie Bashtanyk

Canada, United States

Trademark Agent Jamie Bashtanyk is experienced with trademark applications, clearance searches, and office actions in Canada and the United States, in both French and English.

Michael Simkin, founder of Simkin Legal, is a community-oriented lawyer operating in Montreal and able to serve business and individual clients in French or English.

Nicole Druckman

Atlantic Canada 

Nicole Druckman, senior partner at Delehanty Rinzler Druckman LLP, services a wide range of legal needs from business, to real estate, to immigration, and more.

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